HICOTE SP Clean fireproof coating is a basic requirement.
    The most economical and effective Fire-resistive ever!
    New-HICOTE SP is an industry-leading steel frame fireproof material. As the constructability is outstanding and the level of dust generation is low, its quality has been recognized in line with the Green Round trend. In addition, as the adhesion intensity is excellent and the durability is semi-permanent, securing a pleasant living space.
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    HICOTE ET HICOTE-ET will realize more than customer satisfaction. Based on the technology and know-how accumulated for 30 years, Sunghyun Chemical has developed high-temperature processing of eco-friendly mineral matters and applied the ceramic system for the first time in Korea to secure the highest heat resistance performance. With our eco-friendly products, we create pleasant living space.
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Sunghyun Technology Research Center Sunhyun Perlite Co., Ltd. Sunghyun Industry Co., Ltd. Seongho CSP co., Ltd. (주)SUNGHO  

Sunghyun Technology Research Center

· Date of Foundation: Feb. 9, 1998 (Recognized as a company-owned research center - KOITA No. 19981074)
· Address: (Zip Code: 369-906) 509, Yupo-ri, Geumwang-eup, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
· Contact: Tel: +82-43-877-7808 / Fax: +82-43-877-7657
· E-mail : jedie@unitel.co.kr
Research Staff Technical Advisor Research Area
U-cheol Gam, Director of the Research Center/Technical Master
Jong-eun Song, Researcher
Seung-cheol Kim, Researcher
Jin-yong Kim, Researcher
Su-gyeom Kim, Researcher
Chang-ho Song, President
Eun-seok Lee, Doctor (biochemistry)
Myeong-shin Song, Doctor (biochemistry)
Chuk-hak Jang, Doctor (high polymer chemistry)
Yun-un Song, Doctor (high polymer chemistry)
Fire-resistive, sound absorption and heat insulation material, mortar products, vermiculite,
Perlite, soil-related products, fireproof products, etc.